We are the champions of the 2015 Inter university Athletics Fair (Justas LAI)!!

Our tiger spirit has made us roar in the past years, crowning us as the winners in both branches of the Interuniversity Athletics Fair. We have the best athletics directors who train our athletes to help them reach success in their sport and studies.

Athletic Scholarship – The athletic scholarship is the economic assistance granted to cover the academic costs of attending the University and to compensate student athletes for their academic and athletic performance. Students belonging to our institutional teams or have been recommended or recruited by our team of trainers qualify to receive this scholarship.

Benefits of the Athletic Scholarship – The Athletic Scholarship provides students the difference in enrollment, room and board, books, and transportation, among other costs of attending the University. The amount granted and the benefits received will depend on the individual needs of each student athlete, in compliance with the established rules and regulations, his or her academic achievement, and his or her athletic performance.