Inter American University of Puerto Rico

  • History

    The Inter American University of Puerto Rico is a private, nonprofit institution of higher education with deep Christian roots. For more than 100 years, not only has the INTER prepared its students in all branches of humanistic, social and scientific knowledge, but it has also acted as a bridge between North American and Latin American cultures.

  • Ofertas Académicas

    Our Offerings

    At the Inter American University of Puerto Rico you may choose among more than 200 academic offerings, specifically: certificate programs, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees, as well as specialized schools in Optometry and Law. You may complete your studies on-site or through distance education with our online academic offerings.

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    Financial Aid

    We have the financial aid programs you need to complete your studies. Learn more about the available grants, scholarships and loans.

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    Technical Certificates, Associate’s, Bachelor’s

    Master’s, Doctorate and Professional Certificates

    School of Law


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Institutional Mission

At the University, it is our mission to offer postsecondary and higher education in the arts and sciences through teaching, investigation, and community service, within an ecumenical, Christian context. We also provide educational programs at the pre-school, elementary, and secondary levels.